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Letter by a soldier's wife at Sojourner Truth Project describes her inability to secure employment at Ford Motor Co. Footnotes reads "Donated by Production Foundry-Ford Local 600, UAW-CIO."

Broadside summarizes background of dispute, and lists groups supporting black occupancy of project.

Describes elements fostering Packard hate strikes, Sojourner Truth Riots, and other divisive activities.

Summarizes action of "three hundred delegates from one hundred and forty-six different organizations," conferring on KKK, Sojourner Truth, President's Committee on Fair Employment Practices, discrimination in war plants, etc.

Reproduces representative resolutions by civic leaders and organizations, newspaper clippings, etc. Includes a "dossier of documents on the Sojourner Truth project which show that Negro occupancy of the project should begin immediately."

Protests instructions to Detroit Housing Commission to accept applications from whites

Examines "how and why [the Commission's] present racial policies developed," and the Commission role in the Sojourner Truth Riot.

Presents "factual data covering a wide range of tension areas," among them employment of Negro women (pg. 11) and upgrading of black workers in war plants (pg. 13-14), Sojourner Truth Housing Project (pg. 50-59), and Detroit police brutality (pg.…

Includes some material on UAW, Ford Motor Company, Sojourner Truth and the 1943 Riots, police-community relations
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