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Tips for Using the Bibliography

Historical Context:
+The bibliography contains resources from the late 1800s through 1970. These materials use terminology that users may find objectionable or outdated. Remember these materials should be viewed in the context with which they were created. This will help your searching. For example, the 1967 Detroit riot, rebellion, uprising, etc. is tagged as a "race riot," per Library of Congress and the descriptions on the note cards.

Tips for Searching:

+ When searching for an individual, use the last name of a specific individual to get better results.
+ Utilize the subjects and tags to find similar resources.
+ Most place related entries are tagged by that location.

Finding Sources:
+ Many of the items within the bibliography are publications, such as magazines, newspapers, journals, etc. In order to find these items, please visit https://www.worldcat.org/ to find the publication at a library near you.
+ Some of the materials are listed at institutions different than what the note card said. That does not mean they are not at the listed institution, it just means we could not find a digital link to the resource.