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Diggs Civil Rights Act, recently passed by Michigan Legislature

Pictures A. Gordon Wright and his Grosse Pointe home as illustrative of trend toward open housing.

Pictures and/or text narrate stories of Rosa Parks, Autherine Lucy, Dr. Ossian Sweet and family, Orsel McGhee.

Detroit Bar President quotes from civil rights resolutions of both American Bar and Michigan Bar in giving background of action toward securing injunction against referendum.

p. 455-464. Kornegay, Francis A. Our Community: Seven Critical Problems Facing US. Problems are continuing migration to Detroit, employment and underemployment, housing and urban renewal, educational opportunity, hospital and medical services, social…

Reports results of surveys of housing, employment, and of work of presently existing resource agencies and organizations

In describing federal government's role in housing; summarizes Detroit's experience in housing, persons displaced by Federal programs and public housing impact on minorities

Testimony and statements presented concern employment practices, particularly in automobile and chemical industries, union practices with respect to training, education, housing, and police relations
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