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Condemns Wayne State University in its relations with black students and the black community

Gives views of three black policemen who choose to remain anonymous.

Discusses charges of racial assignments of Detroit teachers made by Detroit Commission on Community Relations.

The Catalytic Role of Governmental Human Relations Agencies, by Richard V. Marks; Activities of the Citizens' Advisory Committee on Hospitals of the Detroit Commission on Community Relations, by Richard S. Emrich; The Detroit Experience in the…

pg. 577-589: Report of Mayor's Committee on Race Relations
Reprints text of recommendations.

Directory contains two listings for Michigan: ICBIF and ACCORD

Studies Negro leadership in "Lakeland" (Pontiac?) Michigan, comparing conservative, moderate, and militant styles and emphasizing housing, education, politics, employment, and police and community relations as the most crucial problem areas.

"Study of the efforts of five Detroit group work agencies [in period 1940-1950] to improve their interracial practices and of the community factors which impeded or accelerated these efforts."

City of Detroit Commission on Community Relations. Presents case studies of Detroit and Chicago agencies, and summary data on the twenty-six agencies in existence in 1956.

Letter, signed by Executive Secretary, bemoans weak stand of public agencies, and newspapers, on eliminating discrimination in public housing.
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