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Detroit Task Force for Justice (DTFJ) is established following "alleged beating of several black youths by off-duty white police at Veteran's Memorial Building November 1."

Mary Jarrett of the Police Department's Scientific Bureau.

Contents: 500,000 Strive for Elusive Goals; Criminal Rate Top Problem; Vast Differences in School Impact.

Describes People's Tribunal convened by City-wide Citizens Action Committee to try "white policemen accused of murdering black boys in rebellion."

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Police harassment of young Black Berets following murder of newspaper publisher Charles Cade is among NAACP charges.

The sociologist and the psychologist at Jackson Prison report on studies of ninety-seven Negroes, eight whites committed after the 1943 Riot. Reprinted as pg. 298-304 of Grimshaw, Allen D. Racial Violence in the United States. Chicago, Aldine, 1969.

Analyzes causes and presents recommendations for reduction of crime.

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Through questionnaires studies family characteristics, and nature of crime committed by boys who have had two or more court hearings, living in two inner city Detroit areas.
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