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April 5th issue carries lead article, "Greetings to Negro workers" and states, "This edition has been especially written to explain to the Negro community the program and policy of the UAW - CIO in regards to the present organizational drive." The…

Engineer is William D. Bowman who works at Ford Motor Company's Research and Design Center in Dearborn.

Autobiography of late NAACP Executive Secretary refers to Sweet Case, Ford and GM strikes, 1943 Riot and Detroit Branch NAACP.

Beginning with 1947 regularly includes report from Fair Practices and Anti-Discrimination; 1939, Negro Workers, p. 33-34; 1941 [Negro leaders and workers in the Ford victory] p. 22-23; 1946. Fair practices Committee, p.40-45

Urges CIO vote at upcoming Ford representation elections. Carries statements by five black Ford workers: Shelton Tappes, Walter B. Morgan, Veal Clough, Tanner T. Perry, and Al Johnson

Through reproductions of newspaper stories and pictures gives background of UAW recognition by Ford Motor Company in 1941. Pictures of Negroes point up their role in organizing drive.

Two State Senators urge a vote for CIO in upcoming Ford elections called by NLRB.

Describes Ford's contacts with black ministers, Rev. Daniel and Rev. Bradby, and his two black employees, William Perry and Don Marshall.

Makes many references to role played by Negroes in Ford Organizing Drive. p.133-167. A New Deal for Labor

Typed original of this mimeographed statement bears signature of Rev. Charles A. Hill. Statement stresses importance to the Negro community of winning the strike.
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