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April 5th issue carries lead article, "Greetings to Negro workers" and states, "This edition has been especially written to explain to the Negro community the program and policy of the UAW - CIO in regards to the present organizational drive." The…

Program of NAACP national conference in Detroit included speech by Homer Martin, UAW, and debate on adoption of resolution endorsing CIO.

Lists reasons for formation of Negro American Labor Council, and pressures within UAW for Negro membership on UAW Executive Board.

Surveys Negro participation in UAW local unions and the International.

Homer Martin's letter stating his union "will not tolerate segregation and will fight for the rights of Negro workers in every way," is quoted.

"Notes" include excerpts from United Automobile Worker, from other printed UAW publications and from the Michigan Chronicle; interview with Joe Cranshaw, Arnold Franklin, Coleman Young, Frances Kornegay and Joe Gordon; and correspondence between…

Program for social event of organization of UAW Negroes.

Presents program whose participants are largely from local social agencies , UAW, and University of Michigan.

History of UAW, particularly Local 212, emphasizing relationship of Negro workers to the union. Chapter 7. Race, Class and Labor. p.123-144

Black auto worker, writing under pseudonym, tells his experiences in the auto industry and in the UAW.
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