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Pictures some of skilled blacks working at Detroit Arsenal at Centerline

Captioned pictures illustrate low level of morale and strained labor-management and racial relations

Lists reasons for formation of Negro American Labor Council, and pressures within UAW for Negro membership on UAW Executive Board.

Defends General Motors Strike and states number of Negro auto workers striking is 13,000.

Gives history of employment of Negro men and women in auto plants; commends union leadership and praises Briggs' program for upgrading Negroes as a model for easing current tensions.

Compares "labor market experiences and consequent social-political adjustment of Negroes and whites, unemployed as result of Packard Motor Car Company close-down of June 1956."

Reports data from interview of sample of the insured unemployed without work over five weeks as of June 1 1961, in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties.

Quotes from studies of Negro in Detroit following first World War; states that delegates from Michigan attended second annual meeting of Nation Labor Union [Colored] in January, 1871.


Finds black member of labor force in early 1935, moved propotionately less frequently than whites, with more very short (intra-county) or very long (interstate) moves.

Uses case history of Detroit worker to illustrate economic effects of auto manufacturers' attitude change toward employing poor blacks.
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