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Assesses social climate of Detroit in weeks following the Riot.

Contents: This is City of Promise to Negro, pg. 1+; Big Problem to Negroes Sill Housing, pg. 1+; Races Show How to Live in Harmony, pg. 1+; Economic Progress, pg. 3+; Negro Faces Rough Fight in Business, pg. 3+; Three Groups Aid Negroes, pg. 3+;…

Contents: Jackson Negroes Favor Dignified Equality Drive; Too Many Job Areas Closed, Negroes Say; Moving 'Out" Major Problem to Negroes; Fortunate Negro One Who Adapts Quickly; Chance For Understanding, Good Life by Peaceful Means, Is Negro Wish.

Partial Contents: Smith, John W. and Smith, Lois H. First Amendment Freedoms and the Politics of Mass Participation; Komisaruk, Richard and Pearson, Carol E. Children of the Detroit Riots; Handley, Jame R. The Dynamics of Recent Ghetto Riots; Corsi,…

Summarizes Pat Sexton's Education and Income, a Study of the Detroit school system.

One of findings of this Detroit area study, is that Negroes place higher prestige on public employment than do whites.

Deals with "population growth, civil and social status, migration, unique institutional and occupational strides."

This and the six precious editions, beginning in 1927, carry biographies of religious, educational, legal, financial, welfare, community, military, and other leaders. The geographical index of the seventh edition lists fifty-two Detroiters, eighteen…

Covers history, housing, employment, health, education, political activites, religion, ect.
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