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Charges are made by black members of Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 26.

Contents: This is City of Promise to Negro, pg. 1+; Big Problem to Negroes Sill Housing, pg. 1+; Races Show How to Live in Harmony, pg. 1+; Economic Progress, pg. 3+; Negro Faces Rough Fight in Business, pg. 3+; Three Groups Aid Negroes, pg. 3+;…

Persons studied are "a group of young Negro adolescents, living in a lower social-economic area of a great industrial metropolis."

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Objectives and tentative program for "Racism in Education" conference.

Studies assigned readings in Wayne's College of Liberal Arts, and attempts from 1963-1968 to institute black literature courses.

pg. 194-197. White Robes on Woodward Avenue. Describes Klan influences in mid-1920s, particularly in containing Negro housing by stimulating organization of neighborhood improvement associations.

Studies responses of one hundred Lansing Negroes to racial discrimination and segregation as shown in their participation in protest groups and activities.
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