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Describes Grand Rapids School Board plan to achieve school integration

Tells of essay contest in Port Huron and protest of candidacy of Harry C. White for City Commission of Grand Rapids.

Hostility toward police is not widespread, although most important variable in attitudes toward police is race, in Muskegon Heights, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo.

Study covers selling period 1952-1957

Reports information secured through interviews on employment and housing conditions in parts of city having largest Negro populations. Finds conditions vastly improved over 1940, but much yet to be achieved.

Lists many individuals, as ministers, homeowners, firsts in various employment cateogries; describes several interracial episodes, evidently using newspapers as sources.

Lists persons in "professions, white-collar, semi-skilled."

Analyzes "ecomomic setting, employment, relief and emergency work, housing, health, hosptials, insurance, crime and juvenille delinquency, education, Negro business and professional pursuits, churches and social agencies," by means of interviews with…
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