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Makes occasional comments on Polish-black relations, contrasting developments with those in Highland Park.

Describes "the social variables of status, sex, age, racial isolation and style in the speech of Detroit Negroes."

Study covers selling period 1952-1957

Compares twenty students, eqully divided by color and sex, in ninth and tenth grades of a small Detroit Catholic high school.

Studies responses of Northeast Detroit Junior High black and white males to black and white models of various proclaimed status levels.

Relates group participation to demographic characteristics of interviewees and their neighborhoods in Detroit and Boston.

In unnamed mid-western city of 180,000 population, students in largely white schools did not have higher achievement scores and self images than students in racially mixed schools.

"Written shortly after [the author] had concluded six years' work organizing and serving block clubs"

Finds sex, occupation, and community participation make significant differences in reactions to conservative versus militant leaders by parent-teacher organizations of elementary and junior high schools in metropolitan Detroit.

Analyzes reasons for failure of 68% of mothers in head-start program in the Royal Oak Township part of Ferndale to participate in group activities.
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