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In this survey of small and large Northern cities, Lansing is the only Michigan city commented on.

Tells why Lansing Board of Education decided to undertake busing to achieve racial balance in high schools.

pt. 18. Detroit Hearings (Industrial Section) p. 7069-7766. Partial Contents: -Statement [and Testimony] by George Edwards, Director-Secretary, Detroit Housing Commission (p. 7239-7257) -Testimony [and Statement] of Abner E. Larned, State…

Describes activities of two centers at Mt. Pleasant and Lansing in training "hard core unemployed."

Describes Lansing's economy, minorities and their participation in the training process, and their employment treatment.

Traces sources of Lansing's black population and housing patterns.

pg. 16-46: Malcolm X's Life. Malcolm lived at Lansing, Mason, and Detroit.

Includes account of boyhood in Lansing area, and participation in Black Muslim movement in Detroit.

Describes a three-month program, believed to have helped Lansing achieve a cool 1967 summer, in which nine workers opened "lines of communication from the city government to the community."
Examined at Grand Rapids Human Relations Commission.

Pg. 58-62. Michigan. Summarizes study of patterns of employment in the construction industry in Detroit, Lansing, and Grand Rapids, and practices of employers, unions, and apprentice training schools.
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