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Elliottorian Business Women's Club since founding in 1918 by Mrs. Elizabeth N. Ellott, has provided clearing house for women in clerical work.

Club of high school girls founded in Detroit in 1942, with Mrs. Edward Davis as their chosen sponsor, adds new chapters.

White woman describes her impressions of Negro women attending the Detroit Convention of the Michigan State Federation of Women's Clubs.

Give biography of woman who lived her later years and died in Battle Creek.

Explores role playing of group problems as a training device for helping seventy two black females, hired by Michigan Bell Telephone Company, make the transition "from a culture of poverty to a culture of work."

Study covering nearly six hundred pregnant women in east-central Detroit in 1965, three-quarters non-white, concludes patterns of "ideal" maternal behavior are class-derived, and not necessary for healthy pregnancies.


Chapters on Detroit and Hamtramck cite work of Mesdames Pinkie Taylor, Dollie Gladden, Mary Shields and Emma Cheeseboro.

Traditional child rearing attidues characterize poor women who have never worked outside the home.

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Presents "factual data covering a wide range of tension areas," among them employment of Negro women (pg. 11) and upgrading of black workers in war plants (pg. 13-14), Sojourner Truth Housing Project (pg. 50-59), and Detroit police brutality (pg.…

Studies "social histories of group of unmarried mothers [87% black] as to their common characteristics, their differences, the problems presented by them other than financial, and the services rendered by agency to the mother and child."
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