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Enjoins defendants from refusing to lease public housing project units because of race

Quotes from reports, letters, newspaper articles to prove that interracial public housing has worked other places and should be practiced in Detroit.

Makes reference to racial composition of Detroit, housing problems, and relationship of Negro to union. Contains vivid description of 1943 Race Riot.

pg. 301-311. The Negro in the North. Describes the Sweet Case.

Examines "how and why [the Commission's] present racial policies developed," and the Commission role in the Sojourner Truth Riot.

Includes data on employment, housing, crime, education, churches, and so forth, largely from Negro in Detroit, compiled for the Mayor's Inter-Racial Committee, and Haynes Negro Newcomers in Detroit.

[Paper given before the Class in Religion and Life of All Soul's Church] Summarizes accomplishments despite many obstacles in employment, education, housing.

Using data of 1925, gives factual information on Negro in Detroit in following areas: population; industry; thrift and business; housing; health; recreation; education; crime; religion; community organization; and welfare.

Summarizes reports from sub-committees on education, employment practices, migratory labor, housing and voting
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