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Describes housing discrimination in Detroit and environs from World War I forward

Presents an economic profile based on 1950 and 1960 census data which shows the large non-white population is plagued with high unemployment and lacks adequate housing, transportation, and other community benefits.

Explains consequences of segregated housing patterns in Grand Rapids; considers two current proposals, public houseing and open occupancy legislation

Describes growing restrictions, especially in housing and employment, facing Negroes in Detroit since World War I. Reprinted in Detroit Tribune, August 19, 1939, pg. 10

Contents: This is City of Promise to Negro, pg. 1+; Big Problem to Negroes Sill Housing, pg. 1+; Races Show How to Live in Harmony, pg. 1+; Economic Progress, pg. 3+; Negro Faces Rough Fight in Business, pg. 3+; Three Groups Aid Negroes, pg. 3+;…

Examines attitudes of residents toward neighbors and toward surroundings in a Detroit area chosen for later urban renewal.

Areas discussed include housing, education, employment, attitude of churches.

Describes dislocations resulting from construction of highway in predominantly black area of city. Not examined.

Documents activities concerned with relocation of some three hundred Negro families displaced by construction of Interstate 496 through Lansing.

[Paper given before the Class in Religion and Life of All Soul's Church] Summarizes accomplishments despite many obstacles in employment, education, housing.
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