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Compares "labor market experiences and consequent social-political adjustment of Negroes and whites, unemployed as result of Packard Motor Car Company close-down of June 1956."

The sociologist and the psychologist at Jackson Prison report on studies of ninety-seven Negroes, eight whites committed after the 1943 Riot. Reprinted as pg. 298-304 of Grimshaw, Allen D. Racial Violence in the United States. Chicago, Aldine, 1969.

Condemns Detroit Police Department and its Commissioner, Harry S. Toy, for anti-Negro and anti-union violence.

Describes Gordy case and its background, and similar episodes of the past.

Michigan Edition, December 11, 1949

Summarizes Pat Sexton's Education and Income, a Study of the Detroit school system.

Citing several examples, alleges jobs at Ford Motor Company for Negroes are largely undesirable, unhealthful, poorly paid, and used for coercive purposes.

Explains consequences of segregated housing patterns in Grand Rapids; considers two current proposals, public houseing and open occupancy legislation

Studies Flint School teachers and students as to how Negro students are perceived by their peers, by their teachers, and by themselves.

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