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Nationality and Race. Analyzes voting statistics in Ann Arbor from 1924 to 1932 by sex, age, race.

Concludes from study of Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor mothers, that socialization practices rather than value differences are the significant factors underlying inability of lower class children to conform to middle class standards of behavior.

Gives names of the 301 Ann Arbor citizens.

Lists and describes the Benevolent Society, Willing Workers Society, and Phyllis Wheatley Home of Detroit; Ann Arbor's Women's Club; and two Negro working-girls' homes, one in Detroit, the other in Grand Rapids.

Traces historical development and present locations of Negroes in Ann Arbor

Gives brief information (name, address, list of officers, occasionally pictures of headquarters) on churches, greek letter, fraternal, secret, and women's organization. Lists Negro owned businesses.

Finds much discrimination in employment and need for better vocational training.

Surveys employment, housing, education, city government, and community relations; proposes actions for improvement.
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